Deepest Feelings

Dear Feelings,

I dont know which part or the cerebrum do you come from , but wherever u grow out of  you are too intense, you bring the emotions out of me which comes pouring out , the deepest intense feeling of oneness the feeling the want the need of you beside me , the  infectious smile the sparkle in your eye , that crazy sway of your hips which makes me wonder which planet do you come from where i am staring with wonder at the sweet innocence which reflects from and this ignites the undying “Feeling” to want you in my life forever , however knowing that you cant be mine forever , but a small glimpse of you can give that super buzz which no one can  nor anything can ever give  me in this whole wide world.

The crazy anger at your loss from my life … the emotions hidden from the world , the feeling of something lost and the helplessness that i am not able to do anything coz u have shut me out of your world , the world what we shared once as our own , has now crumbled like the “BIG BANG THEORY” into the vast emptiness  creating the Vacuum, at can only be filled by you , which only leaves me with the memories we shared for the brief period of time that we shared the beauty of togetherness , and to bring out the best in each other , where we were two wild horses trying to tame each other , however , thats the Amazing Feeling of Loss of that one person whom you wish and want for the best in your life , has now turned “Collateral Beauty ” this is the weight of compassion and love that we would carry for the rest of our lives , we have touched each others life to that extent where there is no point of return , but today lies the emptiness of each other besides the obvious call of family and relations, which bind us to want to be a part of each other , but your society doesn’t permit , which compels us to distance ourselves from each other by hurtful means, trying to hate the other but where the mind and heart plays cupid and the devil, the heart filled with love and the mind with vengeance , and the mix of the two makes way for the soberness to take the aggressive decision to minus the liability from the equation .

Deepest of depths has no answer to this formula , however the broken and the damaged would connect , the one whom i had in my arms but cudn make mine.

You are the greatest asset and the biggest loss of my life ,

Quote – “Our Fate lies in the hands of the ones we love , and sometimes the ones we love lead us to the destruction of ourselves ”


Yours Sincerely

Mind & Heart


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