A walk in the clouds with ur lucky charm

Dear Lucky Charm,

The day we set eyes on each other, a cold December morning, cloaked in a white salwar with a blue jacket, you swayed past me with those gorgeous eyes which sparkled like dew drops on a beautiful autumn morning , glazed and bright , absorbing the radiance , my heart skipped a beat , held myself in control to my overflowing emotions , as later found out you were taken already, but the almighty had other plans , situations went from one to the other with a skip hop and jump and finally we met on a cold evening for a warm cup of “chai”, drove a few miles  hiding under the dark  of the evening , to avoid the unwanted , we talked the talk and walked the walk, turning hours to days and days to months the long chai sessions , the tiresome and anxious wait to meet after a long tiring day  and that hour spent was a huge relief from the daily humdrum of life lost in each other eyes locked away and feelings on the forefront.

We have come a great long way diving thru thick and thin, goo gd bad and the worst , you held me thru my good days and n bad , my vocal n silent ones too , you kept us tied together with your perseverance integrity loyalty trust with the want to be there , while i behaved stupid to the core making you rinse your eyes with tears , however u stood tall kept your dignity in place with your wit n gut  standing tall all in a calm composed feature,today you are beauty personified wrapped in purity and innocence like a silver lining to the crimson evening.

you, kept us going with your passion , shivering with each and every touch on your tender skin, your tender lips escaping a gasp when entwined with mine , your petite body quivering in gasps of breath cudnt help noticing the unconditional love which reflected from each and every  pore of your tender soft skin.

Today , we are proud to stand as Soul mates entwined for life , the  intense passion , undying love care concern, without any complaints , a dutiful wife , a loving partner, a fire which keeps the souls alive within us,


MY LUCKY CHARM , you are the best thing ever happened in my life.


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